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SHETalks specifically unearth issues which has the potential to impact on development, right, health and well-being of each individual persons in the society. Primarily, it is a strategic safe platform for conversations that matters with the aim of creating new normal. SHETalks is an adaptation from Every Girl in School Alliance (egisa) Malawi.

SHETalks are events designed to create platforms for both young men and women to engage in conversation; learn together and challenge negative social norms and attitudes; share ideas on issues affecting them; and be able to make informed decisions about their health, rights, and well-being. The events also create a space for the youth especially young women to engage with role models and decision makers in ways that will contribute to informed gender transformative programming in the different sectors.


  • To champion gender equality through sparking conversation and challenging negative gender norms
  • To create safe spaces for conversations on sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • To become a school of thought leadership on gender equality – a platform where great ideas are shared and innovative solutions to fighting inequality in its various forms are proffered
  • To strengthen girls and young women’s agency by building their confidence and knowledge for them to actively participate in discussions on gender equality
  • To engage men and boys as allies in the fight for equality by create room for them to participate both as attendees and speakers.

Event Types

Standard Event

A standard event type applies to most #SHETalks that are organized. These are organized by themes and participants range from youth, both male and female, to adult women and men who are working in different sectors and focusing on gender equality as well as girls and women’s reproductive health. Themes covered are broad but they are divided in specific sub themes which are shared among speakers. Standard #SHETalks are named according to the broad theme e.g. #SHETalks Feminism.

College/School Event College

#SHETalks College/School events are hosted at a college or Secondary School, and organized in conjunction with the collages/schools (staff from different faculties, as well as female and male students). It gives institutions the opportunity to engage in conversation on issues relevant to their campus and share the unique innovation and ideas to create a supportive and gender responsive learning environment. College #SHETalks are named according to theme and location e.g. #SHETalksFeminism @UNIPORT.

 Community Event

#SHETalks Community Events are organized in the communities. These events are designed to ‘take the conversations to the people’, where they are. They focus on spreading important ideas around equality in a contextually relevant way. Community #SHETalks are named according to their location and theme e.g. #SHETalksFeminism Choba. The community events also take a different approach to the standard event. The community events will seek to create platform for communities to discuss local issues and experts to come in, not only as speakers, but as partners who help in the development of solutions and shaping of narratives


The #SHETalks are designed to give platform to emerging and seasoned voices to share ideas worth spreading. We are building this to be a platform for thought leadership, utilizing the skills and expertise of homegrown talents. Our speakers include young women role models, male champions for gender equality, male and female experts in the selected sectors. The Young female role models and male champions for any partner will also be included as speakers.


In order to build a body of knowledge and curate content, the #SHETalks are filmed live and shared on a dedicated YouTube Channel. We have also started recording live Facebook videos on the KTI Facebook page, giving online audience an opportunity to tune in live and participate in the conversation by asking questions and posting comments.

SHETalksNG Launched 2nd March 2020

The SHETalks proved to be a necessary conversation and a safe platform to promote the gender equality agenda and issues around sexual and reproductive health and rights.

  • People (old and young) are eager to have a safe platform with which they can Stand Up; Speak Out, Change the Rule,  Create New normal, Learn and Network.
    • It was a long awaited platform to raise several key topics relevant to daily experience of women and girls like gender based-violence, inequality of sexes and how to tackle them.
    • People rarely speak up on issues around sexual and reproductive health and rights such as ‘contraceptives use’ as much as they do on gender equality.   

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